Monday, September 29, 2014


Season 4 begins October 11, 10am Faulconbridge Community Hall.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again, and welcoming lots of new swappers too!

If you haven't come to the swap before, all you need to bring is something home grown or home made. Don't be shy. Its loads of fun, and there's plenty of friendly swappers to help you on your first swapping adventure!

You can follow us on facebook for regular updates and events throughout the season.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Season 3!

              Crop & Swapping 'shopping' list:

chillies tomatoes coriander sourdough beetroot eggs cards worm wee garlic butter sweet potatoes pesto ice-cream jam ricotta  crab apples tamarillos cakes ginger beer slices  grapefruit rocket herbs flowers garlic basil lavender pumpkins pikelets apple cider cape gooseberries cordial silver beet shallots yoghurt lemons beans radish rhubarb lavosh muffins  strawberries cucumbers banana bread aloe-vera  coffee parsley celery sweet corn dragon fruit rosemary blackberries apples pickles relish baskets sprouts nasturtiums tomato sauce capsicum seedlings bread quiche lemon verbena plums bay leaves muesli cookies celery  lemon grass mushrooms lavender champagne sorbet lemon butter  honey camembert hummus photography  chocolate cake macadamia nuts oranges broad beans potatoes  yakon lettuce carrots chokos tea keffir grains mung beans

Season 3 has proved the Crop & Swap has amazing variety, quality produce, from neighbour to neighbour and better still no money changes hands! There are two swaps left for the season. Be there or beetroot ;)