Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Crop & Swap Library

Are you in need of a hoe? Are you short of a shovel? Are you ready to kick back with an edition of Backyard Farmer or Earth Garden with a cup of home-grown peppermint tea?

Don't despair, all this and more will soon be at your dirty fingertips and green thumbs.

We proudly announce the Crop & Swap resource library.

Our idea is this. If you have spare gardening journals, books, dvds or equipment that you would be happy to donate to the Crop & Swap library, bring them along to our first meeting.

Our aim is to have a collection of useful resources for people to borrow from and return at the following Crop & Swap meet.

For example we have several volumes of Earth Garden and Backyard Farmer magazines, some seedling trays and an aquaponics dvd that we will happily donate to the Crop & Swap resource library.

If you have any other resources that you think would be useful for your fellow Crop & Swappers, bring them along to the first Crop & Swap meet.

Tell us what you can donate.

see you soon,
j, j, a and s


  1. I am so so excited about this!!!!

  2. Hey guys - a fantastic idea. We have the latest edition of Earth Garden that we'd be happy to contribute if not already suggested? There's a few other recent organic garden magazines that I'm sure we can bring along too.

  3. Hi Xavier,
    Great to hear that you are coming along. Latest editions of mags would be great.
    See you Saturday,