Sunday, November 13, 2011

The very first crop & swap

What a privilege to be at yesterdays inaugural 'crop and swap'.

C - crowds came, about 85 we think (plus another C - Camembert. Melanie has promised it next month!)
R - Rosyln, Phillip & family win the prize for most chooks
O - Original. So much creativity in what people bought along
P - Presentation of goods supplied: The moment Miriam set her goods up in cute jars, baskets with straw and flowers, we suddenly felt inadequate :-)
Slug - crawled out of my salad at lunch. The salad was delicious we must say (and definitely fresh!) Thanks Mitti, Alice and Nadia.
W - wonderful generosity. There was such a good spirit, and the the free barrow was appreciated by all
A - Amber's Apple & Pear tart - yum
P - Please, please more mulberries George next time, they were hot property

Thank you everyone for feeding the community....literally.


  1. Mitti, Alice & Nadia, your salad was to die for! Enjoyed it at a family lunch yesterday. And yes, I had a slug too but luckily for me, it crawled out before the salad got to the salad bowl.
    Jo & Joe, thanks so much for a priceless experience! Looking forward to next Crop & Swap.

  2. P.S. I think you need to adjust your clock on the blog!!! (I think it's done in settings).

    Thanks to Steve and Annemaree too!!!

  3. Such a pleasure meeting you all on that fine Saturday morning. Jo, Joe, Annemaree, Steve and others who played a part in putting this together - bloody good job!

    Clare and I had been looking forward to Crop and Swap since moving up to the mountains and it didn't disappoint - in fact, it was exhilarating (you certainly don't hear that about a community hall event every day now, do you...)

    I wrote up a blog post with more thoughts on the inaugural event. Anyone interested in having a read can find it here:

    Can't wait for next month!

  4. What a pleasure to have been part of this event!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all the people who have organised it. We had such great time learning, swapping and meeting new people. I am already looking forward to the next Crop and Swap........until then I shall carry my Crop and swap bag with pride, and develop ways of opening Macadamia nuts............ My favourite...... oh hard to say anything homemade really. I just had such a good time. I am enjoying also reading the books that we borrowed.
    Alice’s favourite would have to be the lemon honey that she swapped. Oh ad the Apple nut cake.............. yummo.......
    As for Nadia...... the silkworms must have been the biggest hit for her......... followed closely by the homemade lemon iced shortbread.

    Thank you all for adding to the experience of a very welcoming and inviting crowed.
    Thank you again to Jo& Joe, Annemarie, Steven and everyone else that worked so hard to implement this community event. See you next time
    Mitti, Alice and Nadia
    P.s. any snail on your plate or your salad is one less in my veggie garden............ Sorry!!!

  5. oh! how i would have loved to have been there! it would have been such a blast to be part of such a great community experience!
    I have to have one of these bags! can you email me your bank details at so i can get you the money? i'll add a bit for postage and handling too!
    xoxox maggs