Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Next Swap this Saturday!

Happy New year everyone! Our next Swap is on this coming Saturday, 7th of January 2012.

this month we will be sporting a few purple carrots, a boot load of cucumbers and fingers crossed, there may even be a few tomatoes and blackberries if this warm weather holds up. Jo is baking some loaves as well.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Jo and Joe


  1. Oh would have so loved to swap you some items for those cucumbers.....However we will be unable to come. I have soooooooo many butterbeans and silver beet way too much for us to eat...........
    Have fun, good swap, and looking forward to the next swap.....
    Cheers Mitti

  2. Hey Mitti and Alice, those beans were fantastic. what variety were they. the pimk beans are so beautiful, and thhey are delicious to eat raw. we will have to do a swap - some beans for some choko's.

  3. glad to hear you liked them, we have so many on my BEAN tee PEA....so for sure there is a deal in that. LOVED YOUR CUCUMBER............ Steve’s Tomatoes.......... oh the list goes on.....
    The yellowish once were either butter Beans or "Sex without strings" we mixed them so was not sure which one was which and who..... the bigisch green and flat once(that felt a bit hairy) were scarlet runner beans and the green purple once (that go green if you manage to have self control and cook them (but why would anyone bother)) are rattlesnake beans.... mine and Nadia's favourites by far.

    Oh and my guests were extra pleased as I shared the cucumbers with them..... I hope they know how lucky they are. Am now heading of to a quiet evening with sweet dreams and memory's of most delicious Turkish orange blossom bun.......hmmmmm must barter for that recipe next time....