Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yesterday's final Crop & Swap for season 1 has been and gone, it was great to see so many new faces and of course to have all of our regulars swappers with their wonderful produce.
This morning the kids are sitting down to some porridge and yoghurt topped with Grant's Tamarillos...they love them! So does Joe, he just declared he is 'in love withe tamarillos' and plans to have several trees producing fruit by this time next year.

Joe and I are about to sit down to Peter and Amber's beautiful bagels, topped with ham and cheese....ummm, yum!

Steve organised a really fantastic slideshow of the Crop & Swap, season 1, so for any of our regulars who weren't able to be there yesterday we will post it over the next few days.

The Finale lunch was proof of what the Crop & Swap is all about. Set up outdoors under the shade of the trees was a marvelous spread made by the swappers including a giant, Atlantic pumpkin as the table center-piece, filled with delicious pumpkin soup, a giant pumpkin cake, pizza, salad, dips, sorbet, tarts, foccacia, chocolates, slices and more, everyone shared a neighbourly lunch and chatted away into the early afternoon.

Over season 1, 115 locals registered as swappers, there were close to 2000 swaps made between individuals and over 1000 kgs of locally grown and homemade foods and items, travelled home to local kitchens and gardens and most importantly countless new friendships amoungst neighbours have been formed.

Sounds like a pretty successful first season.

Thanks so much to everyone who took part. The April edition of 'The Share Barrow' newsletter will be sent out soon and we look forward to keeping up with everyone via the blog and face book.

Until Season 2,

with neighbourly cheer,

Jo, Joe, Steve and Annemaree

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