Saturday, September 24, 2011

a rainy saturday in spring

mmm a cute coffee cup steve... well we have been on a roving cafe/good coffee journey this morning (necessary after a few late nights).We piled all the kids in the car at 8:30 and headed west, first stop Katoomba, where the young guy at the paragon made us 2 really good coffees. there is something about the lamp light in the paragon that seems to pillow your head space on a rainy morning. The kids had a start-of-holidays chocolate...(and then we realised it was only 9:30..oops). We put some crop & swap fliers up at the co-op and then waltzed around town for a bit, then  headed back down the mountain, (feeling very sorry for those stuck in the snail crawl traffic heading up) to the Blue Wail cafe at Blaxland shops...they had a kids fun day on today between 10 and 2, such a great little cafe attempting to make the world a better place. After face painting and balloon sword duels and more fantastic coffees, we headed home. Also this morning Joe had a garden visit from a friendly  neighbour (Hi Justin) who also gardens and digs the crop & swap idea, so the word is spreading. We hope you are all enjoying this somewhat peaceful, rainy Saturday in Spring...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the Crop & Swap is growing!

Since our mini-seed envelope extravaganza we have been hearing from loads of Blue Mountains residents who have heard about the Crop & Swap. From Katoomba down to Glenbrook people have emailed us saying that they are really looking forward to coming along and bringing their swap produce. So far we have promises of home-made cheeses, ginger beer, bread, and loads of fruit and veg. It will no doubt be a delicious day.

We would love to hear more about who you are, what you grow/make and what you will be bringing on the day. If you are coming to the first Crop & Swap on the 12th of Nov, hit 'yep' on our attendance poll...lets see how many swappers there are out there.

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Loving the sunshine,
Jo, Joe, Bug and Steve

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Did you get any seeds today?

Taking advantage of a beautiful spring day in the Mountains, we hit Glenbrook village and Faulconbridge streets today with packets of seeds to let people know about the Crop & Swap. Did anyone get any seeds? If you plant now, whatever you're growing could be ready for our first swap in Nov.We had a a really fun day, and were encouraged by the conversations. It seems there's a real appetite for homegrown fruit and veggies.

And besides, it gave us an excuse to chat to people we might not of otherwise. We met one of the staff at Jazz Apple  Cafe in Glenbrook, who moved to the Mountains in Feb and was excited about the Crop & Swap to get to know people locally.

(editors note: she was much friendlier than the German Shepherd guarding its letter box in Faulconbridge).

Happy growing!