Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alert, Alert -
MIA Heirloom Tomato New Recruits!!!

At 2100 hours Charlie Crop & Swap Squadron were deployed at a Drop Zone in your local area.

The Heirloom tomato new recruits are on a mission, to be adopted by local residents, to be dug in, ready for action and to thrive in their new location.

There are 50 new recruits now MIA and we are enlisting you to assist them to report in.

Please either comment below, send your communication brief via facebook or shoot us an email (details below). Outline which recruit you are in possession of (an identification photo in location would be thoroughly helpful), where you located the MIA Charlie Squadron member, who you are, where you are planning on putting your new recruit and any other particulars you wish to communicate to us, the 'Charlie Squadron head quarters'.

Enlisted to support the Charlie Crop & Swap recall mission is a local nursery that is currently in possession of 2 gift vouchers, potentially for you. The first is for the best all rounder Charlie Squadron New Recruit story (to be drawn Saturday 9th Nov at 1100 hours), the second is a lucky dip number draw, for anyone who reports their new recruits details to head quarters (to be drawn Sat 9th Nov at 1100 hours).

If you are in possession of a squadron recruit please offer it your water canteen, they will be thirsty. Also your recruit will be donning biodegradable fatigues (you can just plant it straight in the ground)but don't forget to record its dog tag identification number beforehand.

Signing out,
"Juliet, Juliet, Alpha and Sierra"

at The Crop & Swap Headquarters.

crop & swap (facebook)

in person - Faulconbridge Community Hall, 10am Saturday 12th Oct.

                                       NB the squadron's last photo taken prior to deployment...
                                      It is suspected that they will attempt to disguise themselves with
                                      undercover identities, particularly flirtatious, young, female heirlooms.