How does it work?

Step 1

Registration: Arrive at 10am and register at the desk.

Step 2

Setting up: You’ll then put your goods on display in the swapping circle on one of the hessian mats. Fill in an info sheet on where your produce was grown, when it was harvested or made, and who grew or made it.

you can either set up your produce to swap or just share it by placing it in the Share Barrow*.

Step 3

Cuppa: Now its time to grab a tea or coffee and chat with other swappers (Steve promises a killer latte on his sexy red machine). You can see what others have brought along and exchange growing tips and recipes.

browse the resource library* and borrow a book, shovel or other equipment.

Step 4

Swap time: This starts at 1030am and swappers make swaps independently amongst each other. Happy swapping! the general rules for swapping are:

1. Home made or home grown
2. Quality produce
3. Swap in good spirit

and have loads of fun!

*The Share Barrow is in the middle of the swap circle. You can put in anything that you wish to share with others. Likewise, fell free to take what ever you like from the share barrow. Its there to share.
* The resource Library is a collection of donated books magazines and physical resources that can be borrowed and returned just like a library. You may have some old gardening books at home that you would like to bring along, or even a spare shovel, pots, or seedling trays.